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Adding new modules/mainboards/kits to the repository

These instructions are targeted a module/mainboard/kit manufacturers who want to write software/installers for their hardware and are using this repository's directory structure.
It is slightly tricky to get the directory structure right when adding a new module/mainboard/kit. The instructions below are for a new module but they should translate to mainboard or kit.
NB this assumes you've installed the GadgeteerBuilderTemplates msi.

You will also need WiX 3.5 or newer installed.

1) Create a new project in Visual Studio using Gadgeteer/ModuleTemplate
- choose the precise location $/Main/Modules/<ManufacturerName>/<ModuleName> (create those directories if they don't exist)
- Set the project name as <ModuleName> and the solution name also as <ModuleName>
- Tick "Create directory for Solution"
- Untick "Add To Source Control"
2) Right click on the solution and "Open Folder in Windows Explorer"
3) Close the solution!
4) At the moment, the structure is $/Main/Modules/<ManufacturerName>/<ModuleNamedir1>/<ModuleNamedir2>/<ModuleName>.sln etc. Rename <ModuleName_dir2> to "Software", so it ends up being $/Main/Modules/<ManufacturerName>/<ModuleName>/Software/<ModuleName>.sln.

Done! Now you can reopen the SLN and edit your project - do read the Readme.txt file in the project for detailed help on using the template. To add to source control, right click on the solution, and "Add Solution to Source Control".

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