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Building from source

Sep 12, 2011 at 7:44 PM

I was able to get the source to build but it is much more work than it needs to be. For some reason when you grab the source with SVN you do not get the top level Solution. You have to create an empty solution, add each project to it, tell VS to remove source control (so it does NOT bug you to death about it), remove and re-add all references to gadgeteer.dll, and then set the correct build order.

All-in-all it is not 'really' difficult but it is a lot more difficult than it should be.

But now I can play with my GHI Spider in all its Gadgeteer glory :)

Sep 13, 2011 at 12:06 PM

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for your post!  I'm glad you got it to build and grateful for your posting here to help others through the same process.  There is an SLN file in $\Main\GadgeteerCore\ - perhaps you could try that?

I hope that you (and other advanced Gadgeteers) find it useful to get the full sources for the .NET Gadgeteer libraries so you can modify it freely.  For other end users who may read this discussion thread, who may just be interested in using Gadgeteer as a rapid prototyping tool rather than modifying .NET Gadgeteer itself, I also want to make it clear that it is not necessary to download the source for .NET Gadgeteer core in that case.  End users only have to install a couple of binary installers (GadgeteerCore.msi from this website, and the installer provided by relevant hardware manufacturer, e.g. GHI Electronics in the case of the Fez Spider Kit) in order to make use of .NET Gadgeteer to prototype new devices. 


Sep 13, 2011 at 3:12 PM


The SLN in $main\GadgeteerCore does not pull in the other projects, it only encompasses the 'Gadgeteer' project. This may be some goofy thing with the conversion to SVN, it also tries to insist that you enter credentials so it can connect to the TFS when you open the solution above (if you click cancel you can use 'offline' mode). My comments w.r.t. building are just constructive criticism and hopefully might help someone else. Come to think of it is someone is using the C# Express they would have to open each project separately anyhow. Maybe a quick 'how-to' build the sources would be helpful, I would be willing to write one up if there is interest from the community.

I do appreciate having access to the source more for an educational point of view. I suspect that in practice I will just be using the dlls as provided by GHI and other vendors but having a chance to look at 'good' code is a great way to learn to code better yourself. I really like the idea behind Gadgeteer as it lets us try out new ideas quickly and introduce students to programming uCs very easily.