Unnecessary references included in templates


The templates for a Gadgeteer 4.2(and prossibly 4.1) application includes references that should not be included by default. These references should be added by modules that will actually use the references.
Examples include:
Microsoft.SPOT.Touch(useless without touch capable display)
Microsoft.SPOT.Graphics(useless without network or display)
Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware.Serial(useless without a "U" capable module)
System.HTTP(useless without network)
On bigger boards including unnecessary references isn't much of a problem, but on smaller boards, like the Cerberus or Mountaneer boards, ram becomes a problem and loading unnecessary references wastes ram.
Thus only the bare references should be included in the templates, and modules that require references should declare that requirement, and add the references to the project.
Closed Apr 25, 2013 at 7:18 PM by JanKuceraMSFT
Fixed in the upcoming release. Removed:

There is no point in removing Microsoft.SPOT.Graphics as the core is already using that one, so it gets deployed to the device anyway. Removing it from the template would just lose the smart tag user experience for classes in it.


kerryh wrote Aug 19, 2012 at 4:19 AM

Hi Errol,

Thanks for raising this - you're right that paring down the default references would make compiled Gadgeteer programs a lot more streamlined. We'll take a look at this for the next update to the core Gadgeteer libraries.


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