Improvements on network support


Gadgeteer adds those terrific network wrappers making tasks, like hosting a webpage, terrific. Some improvements will make this support more amazing.
  1. The network up events fires immediately, not taking under consideration the cable connectivity.
  2. There need to be mainboard specific function to handle network initialization. For example, GHI offers premium offers that have extended functionality. The only way to do this today is to offer 2 separate drivers for the same mode. One for OSHW boards and one for premium. A call back to the main board will allow us to handle specific things separately from the module. Making the module more generic to any mainboard. Another example would be to initialize the SPI-based network modules. The mainboard needs to know where to initialize the module, what SPI and what pins. Generic info should be passed to mainboard and then the mainboard would handle it if it is supported. if not, it will raise a not supported exception.
  3. What about advanced users? Perhaps the drivers exposes sockets for users? Right now, the way would be to not include the drivers and then use sockets directly? There is no defined way on how an advanced user can benefit from all the networking features in NETMF that may not available directly in gadgeteer core.

Gus - GHI Electronics


JanKuceraMSFT wrote Apr 20, 2013 at 12:18 AM

  1. What scenario would that solve?
  2. Users should not be required to do anything vendor specific to bring the network up.
    If you need to pass data between your module and your mainboard, nothing prevents you to do so as you are writing the drivers for both. I agree that being able to override or indirect network sockets might be useful feature, but we are unable to solve this without breaking the .NET Micro Framework networking.
  3. Advanced users can benefit from all the networking features in .NET Micro Framework that are not available in the Gadgeteer core by using the .NET Micro Framework features directly.