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Maze car

Jul 4, 2012 at 11:13 AM

Hello there,

I'm new in the world of robotics, but willing to learn about it though.

So, I want to start my own project. I've though long about if I should choose Gadgeteer or Arduino. I'm still not sure about it yet. That's a reason why I'm here. To ask some questions.

For my project, I want to make a 3D maze. In that 3D maze I want to let a robotic car drive it's own way trough. It's like the white on black line maze, but then in 3D.

For that I will first need to buy the parts of a car and the mainboard. I was, currently thinking about the following:

And then, since I want to let the car drive the maze by itself I need another module for that. "For the seeïng"


I was thinking about an Ultrasonic Sensor. This PDF on page 13 of the PDF tells me there is an ultrasonic ranger for the gageteer avaible. However, I do not know where I have to find/buy that (I prefer an European shop, if possible, since I live in The Netherlands). Does someone of you know where I can find such a part?

Or if that's not possible; Has anyone else another Idea how I should let my robot "see" into the maze (after programming)?

Thank you, in advance.



Jul 9, 2012 at 10:03 PM


Welcome to Gadgeteer!  That's a really cool first project. 

There is not currently an ultrasonic rangefinder module available for Gadgeteer.  The PDF you found describes MSR prototype modules that were not released commercially.  However, you could use the Gadgeteer Extender board to hook up to an off-the-shelf ultrasonic rangefinder like the ones shown here:  There are other companies like Digikey and Mouser with distributors in Europe, and you can find many of the same parts there.

This would be a great question to ask in the Gadgeteer forum or GHI's TinyCLR forum.  It's possible someone has already hooked up an ultrasonic range finder to Gadgeteer, so you might find some specific pointers there.

-- K